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We are proud to provide high quality dry cleaning services that thoroughly wash away dirt and stains from delicate fabrics.



To Provide the Best Dry Cleaning And
Quality Laundry Services.

Kodiak Cleaners is the newest Dry Cleaners in Phoenix, AZ! We use top quality products to provide the best results. Kodiak provides a clean and loving atmosphere, we love to educate our customers on the difference of Dry Clean and Wet Clean, as well as the reasons why we suggest one over the other based on the garment. Kodiak is not here to price gauge you, we are here to provide and affordable price with Top Quality Dry Clean/Laundry Services. We clean Comforters, Tablecloths, Jerseys, coats, pants, scarfs, ties, jeans, slacks and everything in between. Kodiak can Clean and Preserve Wedding Dresses. Unfortunately, we do not clean hats, leather or suede. We have Express drop off. Thank you for Choosing Kodiak Cleaners

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best laundry service.

Our strong customer service, efficient and professional work and reasonable pricing combine to put a smile on the faces of our customers in not only Phoenix, AZ but throughout surrounding cities as well.

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Owner was super friendly! Service was amazing and suit and shirts were done so fast and looked fresh. Will be coming back whenever I need dry cleaning



The new owner is such a nice guy and the service is done very well and speedy! The prices are super reasonable too! Highly recommend!

Jesse Gaytan


This Dry Cleaners is clean , fast and friendly at a great price. They are very professional and want to do everything to ensure best in class customer service. Ex. They were able to clean my comforters in 1-day when it usually takes 2-days. I recommend this Dry Cleaners.

Robin Campbell


Such a wonderful experience with Kodiak Cleaners, very professional and my clothes were amazing. Just stopped by to drop off more items! Very Satisfied Customer……

Jesse Rojas


Amazing customer service and got all the stains out of what I need! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed

Pam White


I have visited Kodiak Cleaners many times and the service is unbeatable. Kodiak prices are reasonable and the service is outstanding!

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and this is how we’ve achieved our excellent reputation. We provide the best cleaning for your linens and formal clothing. Call us today for stain removal, household cleaning, and commercial cleaning.

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